Look Smart, Sound Smarter

“Light travels faster than sound.
That’s why some people look very bright… until they start talking.” smart

We all want to sound smart. Especially so when we’re decked out in our best outfits, aiming to score a good first impression.

But sometimes, we get stumped by the most unexpected of questions.

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Showcase Presentation

3 Tips for a Kickass 10-Minute Showcase

Recently, in my Business Referral Networking Group meeting, I was given 10 minutes to showcase what Speech Ionizers does to a group of close to 50 business owners.

10 minutes!

You might ask how long 10 minutes is. Well, it’s as short as listening to Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up”, thrice.

So presenting a Business Showcase in 10 minutes is extremely challenging!

Fortunately, I guess the showcase pulled off pretty well, as seen by the happy faces and engaging crowd here:

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