Want to align your communication style with your personality?

Want to align your communication style with your personality?

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Have a major pitch coming up? Preparing for this huge keynote presentation? Need personal advice and polishing to score in front of your audience? Let us help you take your game to a whole new level.

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Our sales and communication courses focus on deep interaction and activity based training methods. You’d learn actionable and applicable tips that help you Communicate Powerfully and Win Every Crowd!

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We create Training Content specifically developed to cater to your learners’ needs and learning styles. Everything is uniquely designed for YOU!

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"We have helped many struggling speakers discover and develop their authentic, charismatic and effective presentation style. Find your voice with us today. You'd love the new you."

Clement ChioPresentation Presence Coach, SpIO

After my presentation, many of the business owners, came up to congratulate me on an awesome presentation as it left such an impression on them!

Vijay Dylan Kumar, Business Development and Marketing Director at Spa Treasures

Most people would consider me a seasoned speaker since I regularly conduct workshops and talks, but I was amazed at what Clement was able to do for me!

May Sim, Chief Astrologer at Selfstrology

Clement offered valuable insights and tips on my presentation skills. After a session with him I felt my presentation was clearer, smoother and more memorable, and I felt more confident and ready to deliver!

Bea Seilern, Managing Editor at Giles Publications Singapore

Our Integrative Presence Approach

SpIO's Coaching and Training frameworks are all built around our unique and powerful Integrative Presence Approach.

Learn more about how we integrate your Head, Heart and Gut to achieve a Peak Presentation Presence.

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Conducting Zoom meetings often?Want to give yourself the more professional look? These 3 simple tips will help! @clementspio Look pro for your next online ##Presentation ##learningisfun ##fyp ##zoom ##learn ##lifeskills ##communication ##wfh ♬ Hey My Kitty – Tanaka Aimi 1. Place your camera at Eye Level Especially if you have a small laptop, your built-in […]

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No more Awkwardness with Public Speaking Training For Executives

Public Speaking Training For Executives With a graduate degree, a business executive holds a top position in a corporation, fulfilling a range of responsibilities across all departments. Of course, the nature of the responsibilities will vary depending on the organization, but those who have reached top positions will have had to improve public speaking skills […]

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Speak with confidence and conviction with public speaking lessons

Public Speaking Lessons For so many of us, public speaking is just sheer hellish. It doesn’t even have to be talking in front of an audience – it can even be having to mix at a social event and talking to people. If the very thought of communicating in these situations gives you stomach cramps, […]

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Public Speaking Coach helps you conquer your fear of Talking

Public Speaking Coach There are some things in life that you’re either good at or bad at. There are some things that can terrify you, like talking in front of an audience, but mercifully the situation is one that can be changed. A public speaking course for adults can undo any bad speaking habits from […]

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Certified Public Speaking Course gives you a distinct advantage

Certified Public Speaking Course Some people appear to be extroverted and they’re often called upon to make speeches. They can’t bear to let anyone know that while they appear confident and well-spoken in casual settings, when it comes to public speaking, they’re reduced to being a sweaty, incoherent, fumbling, nervous, ridiculous wreck. Without good Communication […]

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Public Speaking Workshop -Vibrant Confidence.

Public Speaking Workshop -Vibrant Confidence In our lifetime, at some or other time, we’ve all been asked to give a speech to a whole group of people. For some, it can be pretty nerve-racking, especially for those who lack confidence in their poor communication skills.  In actual fact, public speaking is vital in the business-, […]

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Presentation Skills Course – Learning how to Effectively Communicate your Message

Presentation Skills Course  – Learning how to Effectively Communicate your Message You can speak as well as you like, but if you don’t have the right presentation skills you’ll come across as having a poor self-image. Don’t despair because presentation skills and public speaking are skills that can be learned. Presentation skills help you deliver […]

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Public Speaking Class – Avoid Practices that harm your Presentation

Having excellent communication skills just makes life easier in every area of your life. Good public speaking doesn’t come naturally to most people – however, it is an art and a skill which can be learned by attending a good public speaking class. A public speaking course can help you overcome the fear and anxiety […]

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Public Speaking Coach – Gives the Golden Rules for Chilled Talking

Public Speaking Coach – Gives the Golden Rules for Chilled Talking Speaking in front of your colleagues or having to make a speech about a friend can have you close to having a panic attack. Your stomach is cramping, your mouth is dry and parched, you feel dizzy and your heart is pounding away. The […]

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