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In just 3 coaching sessions, our communications and public speaking coach can improve your presentation style, unlock your hidden confidence, and give you high-impact strategies to get the results you want.


Clement Chio Best Presentation Public Speaking Coach
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"Not the Presentations Coaching I Was Expecting!"

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If you’re looking for Presentations Training for your team, we have options for you too. 🙂

Key Coaching Modules

Vocal Coaching

Voice Resonance, Vocal Projection, Pace Adjustment, Emotional Speaking

Power Presence

Confidence Control, Presence Projection, Stage Management, Audience Engagement

Power Boost

Polish any presentation to perfection before the actual performance!

Stakeholder Management

Impromptu Speaking, Conflict Resolution, Rapport Building, Winning Over Difficult Stakeholders

Speciality Techniques

Instant Storytelling, Technical Presentations, Pitching, Humour Engagement

Your coach will be working with you to gain mastery of these competencies... and more!
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We Develop You from the
Inside First

What makes SpIO’s approach special and different?

Start with Conquering Inner Challenges.
Then we'll Drill Techniques.

Using Somatic Coaching & Experiential Immersion, we help you unlock hidden strengths in your Head, Heart and Gut to achieve a peak level of Integrated Speaking Presence.

HEAD - Conscious Presence

Skills, techniques, frameworks, tips, and trips to be a masterful and effective communicator and presenter. Aimed to help you IMPRESS.

HEART - Emotional Presence

Experiential and emotional anchoring work to activate Influence and Charisma. Aimed for IMPACT.

GUT - Internalised Presence

Explore your unique identity so that you can speak in a way that's naturally powerful and authentic. Aimed for IMPASSION.

How to Begin

Specialised Coaching Diagnostic Session

Everyone is Different.

All our coachings at SpIO begin with a diagnostic session. Our Public Speaking Coach will systematically uncover deep limitations and hidden strengths, empowering you to make meaningful changes and reach your full potential.

After the Diagnostic Session, you will receive a customized Personal Coaching Plan dedicated to your growth and success.

Discover what’s holding you back and unleash your hidden strengths now.

Diagnostic Report

Communication / Public Speaking Coach Packages

Individual Coaching Session

We will help you with a specific presentation or communication challenge.

Identify problems, draw resources, solve and polish to perfection!

  • 1 x 90 minute Coaching Session.

Basic Silver Program

Basic personal transformation.

Targets identified challenges and gain tools to bring out communication strengths and personality.
  • 3 x 90 minute Coaching Sessions.
  • 1 Module

Enhanced Platinum Program

For effective long-term results.

Targets identified challenges, gain tools to bring out communication strengths and personality, build future-ready competencies.

  • 5 x 90 minute Coaching Sessions.
  • 2 Modules
  • 1 Video Review

Complete Titanium Program

Perfect for wholistic competency development.

Deeper personality understanding, targets identified challenges, gain tools to bring out communication strengths and personality, build future-ready competencies.

  • 10 x 90 minute Coaching Sessions.
  • 3-4 Modules
  • 3 Video Reveiws
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Coachees Impacted

What Our Coaching Clients Say


I've never felt more confident!

I’ve had the biggest fear of public speaking since my schooling days. However, my recent job promotion “forced” me to face my fears and I was at a loss.

I’ve been to many Public Speaking Courses and read so many books but nothing seemed to help.

The Diagnostic Session was amazing. I never knew the cause of my irrational fears but Clement was able to pinpoint the causes so sharply.

And with all the steps I’ve been using to confront these fears, I feel so liberated especially now that I have to present to stakeholders almost every day. I should have done this sooner!

Deepesh Samy

My bosses were so impressed by my improvement

I took up the sessions because my boss told me that the only thing hindering my promotion was my presentation skills. I always thought my presentations have been pretty decent and so I was surprised at my boss’ comments.

After the coaching sessions, I totally changed the way I prepare for and deliver my presentations. In fact, it’s so easy now once I get the hang of it.

Most importantly, I have been receiving praise and recognition for my presentations and have more opportunities coming my way, speaking at larger, high-profile company events.

There’s always something new to learn at every session and I look forward to improving more.

James Ong

I closed a 6-figure deal!

I signed up for Presentations Coaching to prepare for this very important pitch that I had to deliver. Fortunately, I did so because my original pitch deck would have turned the investors away. 

Clement was able to help me streamline my pitch, cut out non-essential distractions and plant triggers throughout the whole pitch to get the investors hooked throughout.

We even prepared for Q&A Sessions and all the different frameworks to answer questions were extremely helpful.

I’ve learnt so much from our sessions together. Closing the deal was just the sweet bonus. 


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Online sessions can be conducted too.

Get ready to discover your hidden potential now!

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