Need a boost in your team's Communication, Sales and Leadership Performance?

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Need a boost in your team's Communication, Sales and Leadership Performance?

"The session helped me change the way I communicate. I'm getting the responses I want now and it's pretty amazing!"

Transform your team into charismatic communicators! Our corporate courses are crafted and refined with by experienced learning and development professionals and are designed to enhance the skills of your employees immediately.

Whether you're looking to boost sales results, share technical expertise, communicate business strategies or polish the leadership charm, we have the perfect public speaking course for you.

Customised Training Content for Your Needs

Each corporate workshop will be preceded with an in-depth corporate Training Needs Analysis to identify gaps, determine learning styles and contextualise applicable scenarios for your team.

Unique IONS Methodology

Activity driven programs to help learners deepen both cognitive understanding and muscle memory proficiencies. Your team will be walking away with immediately applicable skills that can be use for the rest of their lives.

Companies that Trust Us

Professional Business Presentations

Unlock the art of captivating and effective business presentations.From understanding your audience to mastering the art of charisma, this course will transform your presentation skills. elevate your professional journey and help you stand out from the crowd.

Power Pitching

Power Pitching

Elevate your pitch game with this course designed to craft powerful pitches and showcase your unique energy. Equip your team with skills to communicate the value of your products or services in a way that generates interest and secures the million dollar buy-in.

Your Stories Can Sell

Your Stories Can Sell!

Transform your sales team into captivating storytellers who can effortlessly build rapport with prospects and convert each engagement into sales. Every one has unique stories to tell. Now, let's unlock the power of these stories to drive sales success.

Power Presence

Power Presence

Empower your team to dominate the presentation space with impactful, engaging and captivating presentations. From structuring a clear narrative to charismatic delivery techniques, this course ensures your team can confidently convey ideas and leave a lasting impression.

Leadership Storytelling Course

Leadership Storytelling

Great leaders are more than just decision makers - they tell stories masterfully to influence, impact and inspire. Unleash the true potential of your leadership team, access their true communication styles, and equip them with skills to ignite a shared sense of purpose.

Technical Storytelling Course

Technical Storytelling

Your Data can tell stories, but can your technical expert translate these insights powerfully? Learn how to communicate complex concepts with clarity and finesse. Once they are able to convey technical information in an engaging and accessible manner, they'd be invaluable assets in presentations, meetings and client interactions.

Secrets of Body Language

Secrets of Body Language

Want your team to understand what the stakeholder or client is really thinking? Gain a competitive edge by deciphering non-verbal cues and understanding the unspoken language in interpersonal interactions. This course helps your team interpret body language, enhance communication, negotiation and relationship-building skills.

Trust Based Communication for Leaders

Trust Based Communication for Leaders

Cultivate trust and foster deeper relationships within your team by developing authentic leadership communication skills. This course empowers your leaders with the tools and techniques to communicate authentically, build trust and inspire teammates to achieve more together.

Commanding Attention in an Online Session

Command Attention in an Online Session

In today's digital world, virtual meetings have become the norm. The ability to deliver impactful presentations in front of the camera and using a microphone is a crucial skill for professionals in every industry. Equip your team with the expertise to confidently and effectively communicate ideas, keep their virtual audience's attention and leave a lasting impression.

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