Using “Believe” Instead of “Hope”

We want to hope for the best for our clients. But there may be a better word to use – “Believe”.


I believe this will help. 😉

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If you are in Sales or Customer service, these are words you want to get rid of from your vocabulary.

Don’t use HOPE, use BELIEVE.

Hope vs Believe

I hope you’ll love our product.

I believe you’ll love our product.

I’m sorry all Star Wars fans.

HOPE is a gamble. It may or may not happen.

It’s great if you’re rebelling against the galactic empire.

For a product or service you’re representing, not so much.

BELIEVE shows more conviction.

It injects confidence in the customer even before they start using your product or service.

And they’ll more likely be happier with their decision.

While you’re at it, don’t use the word “if” too. 🙂

Make this one simple conscious change, and see how your sales results improve.

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