We have Rebranded!


As some of you have noticed the past few months, we have condensed our name from Speech IONIZERS to just SpIO. These are exciting times for our company, as we continue to push new boundaries, expand our training genres and develop out-of-the-norm programs for all our clients and stakeholders!

And for those who have been with us through the rebranding, you’ll realise it’s not the name that has changed. We’ve streamlined our processes, focused our client engagement and presented our services in a way that better reflects our core expertise – communication, connection and charismatic presentations. Our mission remains the same – we want to empower all stakeholders with the power of Positive Presence, through Positive Messaging and Positive Charisma.

So What’s Changed?

Well, nothing much. We’re not just focued on “Speech” now. Throughout the years we’ve developed programs for our clients that expand beyond Presentations. We’ve pit our workshop participants against each other in Bartering Skills, made people build wild structures to explore Leadership Styles, created comedians out of the “boringest” Salespeople, groomed Body Language experts and many many more fun stuff coming in the months and years to come!

We’re incredibly proud of the work we have done at SpIO and we’re ever so grateful to our Clients, Trainers, Stakeholders and every one of you that has supported us along the way.

Thank you so much and please spread our word around. We look forward to being part of your lives to spread our brand of Positivity all over the world.

Because only when you Present Positively, then you can be Positively Present.


Clement Chio