Do you really know what the other person is thinking?

Decode unspoken cues, assess comfort levels, and master non-verbal communication in this transformative workshop.

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Who Should Attend

Sales Directors, Managers and Executives, Financial Consultants, Realtors, Business Owners, Entrepreneurs

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Workshop Duration

4-8 Hours

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Customisation Available

Contact us to customise this workshop for your team

Do people really mean what they say?
Is there an underlying message?
What are they really trying to tell you?

Micro messages sent out via nuances in facial movements, posture, hand gestures and even eye shifts seem so insignificant but tell so much.

Learn to decode them all!

Through a whole series of immersive activities, participants will be given the chance to observe each other, explore their own reflexes, know the secrets of body language and learn how to react positisvely in different situations.

You’re never going to look at any body the same way again!

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You'd Be Able To

  • Sharpen observation skills
  • Decode what a person may be truly feeling and react accordingly
  • Have more meaningful conversations and build deeper connections
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Can You Spot the Liar?

It's going to be lots of fun and self-exploration at this eye-opening workshop!
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Learning Objectives

  • Recognise how Body Language manifests in modern-day communication
  • Deduce a person’s comfort level via non-verbal cues
  • Evaluate a person's current mood based on eye contact, facial cues as well as hand and leg positions
  • Practice a proper handshake
  • Make use of different standing and seating positions purposefully during communication
  • Able to learn how to sharpen observation skills

Frequently Asked Questions

How will this workshop help me in my professional life?

Understanding the secrets of body language is a valuable asset in the workplace. You'll be able to gauge your colleagues' and clients' comfort levels, improve negotiation skills, and make impactful presentations. It's an essential skill for leaders, sales professionals, and anyone seeking to excel in their career.

What is the importance of understanding body language in modern communication?

Body language plays a pivotal role in modern communication as it allows us to perceive unspoken messages and emotions. In a world where face-to-face interactions are limited, deciphering body language helps bridge communication gaps, fosters empathy, and enhances relationships, both personally and professionally.

Can body language mislead?

While body language is a powerful tool for understanding others, it's essential to consider context. Sometimes, people may exhibit contradictory signals, so it's crucial to interpret body language alongside verbal communication for a more accurate assessment. We offer post-workshop coaching options to help you build on workshop skills and be a more proficient communicator.

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