Re-order Your Data Visuals for More Insights

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Re-Order Your Data, More Insight!

We see bar charts all the time.

For example, these are the Box Office Revenue for Marvel movies in the Asia Pacific Region:

Clearly, China is the biggest market. Followed by South Korea.

But beyond that, you can’t really draw much insight from the rest.

Sure, the markets are sorted in alphabetical order, which is probably the order in which the data is provided anyway. Stakeholders can also find the market of interest easily.

But that’s not the point of a bar chart.

So how can we make one simple change to make this chart better?

Re-Order your data by Revenue, instead of by Country:

Re-Order You Data, More Insights

Immediately, more visual insights pop out such as

  • The rankings of each market
  • How much more China & South Korea leads over the other markets
  • How comparatively similar in size some markets are

And, the chart looks much neater too!

So, want more insight from your Data Visualisations for better storytelling?

Reorder your data in a way that makes the most sense!

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