Putting Power in Your Powerpoint Presentations

Presentation Enhancement Tips

Your decks hold a critical role in the success of your presentations. It doesn’t matter how good you are able to deliver your pitch; a poorly designed presentation can cause your message to still get lost. We won’t let that happen to you! This article is meant to guide you in making sure that your deck resonates with your audience. Read on to get expert tips on how to master the art of making beautifully designed presentations!

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 Tip #1: Know your color palette.


This is one of the most common mistakes speakers commit when building their decks—they choose colors just for the sake of choosing it. Don’t do that! Don’t use pink just because it’s your favorite color. Don’t choose blue just because it goes well with your new long sleeves. And don’t use green if you’re implying something negative and vice versa.


Choose your set of colors with a purpose in mind. There are a lot of guides online that can help you choose which appropriate set of colors to use for your presentation. Pick your color well in order to evoke a sense of emotion between your message and your audience.


Tip #2: Pick your template well.


We know minimalism is the norm nowadays, but there’s a difference between a sluggish and a well thought out minimalist design. Your deck is a powerful tool that can help you capture your audience’s attention, facilitate memory recall, and leave a lasting impact. So don’t use the first template you’ll come across with if you’re only using it just to get things done right away. A little effort in finding the best template goes a long way in delivering a successful presentation.


Tip #3: Moderation in the use of animation.


Yes, our main goal here is to make your presentation as interesting as it could get. But nope, using too much animation just won’t do the trick! Maybe your audience won’t fall asleep because your presentation is boring, rather you’ll cause them dizziness with all the unnecessary swivel and flip over animations.


Use animations wisely. For instance, if you want to focus your audience’s attention to one thing amidst all the other items in a certain slide, you can use a simple, subtle animation to do that. This way, you can still maintain professionalism with your presentation.


Tip #4: Visuals over text.


Nothing drives audiences to snoozeland faster than loading them with a pile of text. They came to your presentation to listen to what you have to say. If you’re just going to give them a bunch of notes, you might as well just send over a documented copy of your presentation over email—this is cheaper, time and money wise!


But kidding aside—images, graphs, and other visual tools pique the interest of the audience. So take time to look for applicable images. Instead of writing down figures, convert them into pies. Before making a point, show a relevant video. This will break the monotony of your presentation and help you explain your points better.


Tip #5: Follow the rule of three


According to studies, people remember easier in pairs of three.


Leverage on this by using it with your presentation. If you are going to describe your brand, describe it using three powerful words. If you’re are going to give example photos of your products, try as much as you can to use 3 images. If you are going to summarise your presentation, do it using the rule of three.


Just like the preceding tips, doing so will help your audience remember your points easier.


And that is how you make an awesome deck! The key takeaway here is to put equal efforts in creating your deck and practicing your speech. It’s all about making your content easy-to-digest. Because at the end of the day, what we want is for our audience to remember us and our message.

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