Public Speaking Class – Avoid Practices that harm your Presentation

Having excellent communication skills just makes life easier in every area of your life. Good public speaking doesn’t come naturally to most people – however, it is an art and a skill which can be learned by attending a good public speaking class.

A public speaking course can help you overcome the fear and anxiety of talking – not merely a few words exchanged between individuals – but the ability to engage in clear communication in a small group or in front of a large audience.

Public Speaking Class – for those who Want to Get Ahead

Public speaking training is designed for managers, for individuals, for educators, corporate professionals, directors and CEOs – anyone for whom the fear of speaking in public is a hindrance to them. 

Without the help of an excellent public speaking class, you may never develop effective speaking skills needed to get ahead in your job. Every interpersonal relationship in your personal life and in the workplace will be a challenge and an effort.

You’ll Learn to Give Zestful Accounts of Events

Good communication however, isn’t just about a boring briefing or lecture but rather a zestful account of things. Nothing is more destructive of good talk than for one person to drone on – inconsequential chit-chat – looking down at notes and making no eye contact.

It may be nervousness or downright fear, but no-one should have to sit through a half-hour or hour of mumble-jumble that had no impact whatsoever. Fancy even paying someone who wastes everyone’s time delivering a flat, listless talk that benefited no-one? 

Do you feel sweaty, does your heart pound, are you hot and cold, shivery and dizzy when you have to speak in front of others? A huge percentage of people  suffer from speech anxiety, but with a public speaking coach you can conquer your fears.

Public speaking training is just one of many successful options available to you. A public speaking workshop together with a presentation skills course can equip you with all the tools and the confidence you need to become an empowering public speaker. Even innovative ideas mean nothing if you can’t convey the ideas effectively with others.

Acquiring public speaking skills for effective oral public communication may well entail effective public speaking, but it is so much more. With corporate presentation skills training combined with public speaking presentation training, you’ll be taught –

  • Oral communication that allows you to speak easily to people from diverse backgrounds.
  • How to reduce your speaking time by packing far more into one short but dynamic presentation that holds everyone’s attention the entire time.
  • How to dress for comfort, confidence and success as first impressions count. What does a corporate image entail?
  • How to present yourself with confidence and authority.
  • How to use facial expressions and gestures correctly and in the right doses.

These are all wonderful skills that can help to get you hired if you are applying for a job that requires you to lead meetings. A public speaking class can be a powerful way to also improve your ability to learn, as well as develop a mental mindset that will help you achieve your dreams of being a dynamic speaker. 

Try Out a Free Talk First and then Decide

Not sure if public speaking can change your life?  Why not try-out and attend FREE Lunchtime Corporate Talks – 45 minutes talks on some signature programs that will give you an inkling of what’s in store for you if you sign up for awesome public speaking courses

Public speaking training for executives will become imperative if you’ve been earmarked for an executive position. This kind of public speaking course for adults in leadership roles will equip you to speak with confidence and authority, to avoid speech blunders that give away the fact that you’re nervous and to make complex topics understandable for everyone.

Heading for the Top with the Right People

SPIO Speech Ionizers has been successfully coaching and training people on their public speaking and presentation skills, and as one of Asia’s leading professional development institutions, they are also an authority in public speaking and business presentation skills training.

Their award-winning, skilled presentation coaches have already trained sales directors, country ambassadors, C-suite executives and venture capitalists to speak well and also have an entire positive image about them to carry off any public speaking event with great effect in any speaking situation.