Presenting a Data Viz

Presenting a Data Viz well will help do justice to the hard work you have put in to create it, and bring your message across effectively!

Here’s a framework to follow:


Frameworks are useful! 🙂

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Especially one with lots of info like this.

Presenting a Data Viz

The pic I’m showing here is the Marvel Phase 5 timeline, for example

But this could easily be a slide showing

  • Your Product’s Launch timeline
  • Your customer’s buying trends
  • The Key players in your team
  • And so on

Basically, one Data Viz, which has a lot of info

And may seem overwhelming even though it’s just one Vizualisation

So what’s the best way to present a chart like this?

1. Intro the Chart

State the title, and a big overview of the Visual if it’s not immediately Obvious

“This is Phase 5 of the MCU, and the various Titles on the timeline.”

2. State the Insight, or the Main Takeaway from showing this Visual

Say this early. So that when you go through the details, they stay focused on the context

“This is a packed schedule, so we have to keep to or shorten our production timelines.”

3. Go into the Important Details

You may not have to go into every detail, just the ones that matter to the main Takeaway you have highlighted earlier.

“We have 8 titles planned in 2024, and 4 titles in 2025. Which ones are in the various seasons – spring, summer, why and whether they are on schedule”

If your chart is more complicated than this, remember to use a pointer and verbally guide them through each part of the chart as you talk about it.

4. Repeat your main message and a Call to Action if needed

“Hence, once again, the schedule is packed. And we may have to consider rescheduling some projects to focus on quantity over quantity.”

So once again,

  1. Intro the chart
  2. Main Insight
  3. Relevant Details
  4. Main Insight + Call to Action if any

And this is presenting a Data Viz, done well!

If you need help, a coach may help!

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