Speak with Confidence: The Power of Eye Contact in Public Speaking

power of eye contact

Are you the type of person who’s having a hard time making eye contact when speaking to somebody or when doing public speaking? You see, eye contact is a very powerful way to to connect with your audience when giving talks or presentations. So if you answered yes on the previous question, this article specifically meant for you.

Don’t let fear get in the way of being able to establish a rapport with your audience. Here are a few very important reasons why you should be utilizing this great public speaking strategy on your next presentation, talk, or speech.

  1. You are able to build a personal connection. Great speeches are the ones that are easy to understand and relate to. In the same manner that great speakers are the ones who are able to build rapport with their audience. One way to do this is by using the power of eye contact.
  2. You get immediate feedback. The thing with speaking in a crowd is that you are unsure if the message truly comes across. One way to know for sure is by asking them if they have any questions every now and then. However, there’s another way—eye contact. When you maintain eye contact, you get to see if your audience are really listening. You can see their reactions—if they have understood you, if they are confused, or if they are very interested. This is also an effective way to encourage your audience to participate in your speech.
  3. It helps you concentrate. When your eyes roam around the room, it’s tendency is to transfer different images into your brain which are then translated into information. These take up a lot in your mind and may cause you to forget a few lines. Eye contact allows your brain to focus on just one thing and makes it easier for you to remember and say what you have to say.
  4. It encourages the listeners to pay attention to you. Listeners are bound to look at you when you look at them. Distractions are everywhere. It can be a mobile device or a chatty seatmate. Try to regain, or better yet, keep their attention by focusing on them and maintaining eye contact.
  5. It gives you the authority. Eye contact gives out the impression of sincerity and honesty. Remember when they say that if they can’t look at you straight in the eye, chances are they’re lying? Parents know this especially when handling their children. It goes the same with public speaking. If you don’t make eye contact with your audience, you lose a great opportunity to establish credibility.
  6. It facilitates a more personal conversation. In an audience’s perspective, wouldn’t it be easier for you to relate if you feel like the speaker is talking to you directly? Especially in bigger groups of audiences, the chances of losing your listeners in the middle of the talk is higher. Make a more personal connection with your audience by using the power of eye contact. This way, they’ll feel as if you’re talking to them one-on-one.

Eye contact is just one of the many strategies that you can use to become an effective public speaker. If you want to learn more and hone your public speaking skills, enroll a class today at Speech Ionizers. For enquiries, drop a message at hello@spio.sg.