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Need coaching for a major product pitch?
Preparing for a huge keynote presentation?
Need to look confident and polished in front of your audience?

A Whole New You in just 3 Sessions!

Online Live Coaching Available

Live Coaching via Zoom, Microsoft Teams and all major Video Conferencing Platforms available!


Clement Chio Coaching

“Clement, I have a colleague that’s super charismatic in front of everyone. I want to be just like him.”

“Clement, I desperately need to make an impression. I find myself boring.”

“Clement, I need to assert myself during meetings. I can’t seem to gain respect from my people.”

These are what I hear from my clients when we meet for the first time.

And through our journey together, I’ve successfully empowered them to immerse in their raw feelings, to impress with clarity, and to impact on a deeper, richer emotional level.

If you want to level up your speaking presence, I’d love to help.

SpIO Personal Coaching
How will your career Soar, if your every presentation could WOW the crowd?

How is Our Coaching Different?

Through a proprietary Integrative Presence coaching system anchored on NLP principles,

You’d be surprised how easily you’d be able to

Be the charismatic communicator you’ve always wanted to be

Tailor your style to wow different audiences, and

Speak authentically from the head, heart and gut.

Integrative Presence Approach to Coaching

Let our coaching bring out the magic in you.

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Key Coaching Modules

Every Coaching journey will begin with a Diagnostic Session.

And after the Diagnostic Session, you will receive a Coaching Proposal with Recommended Sessions based on the following Competencies:

Vocal Coaching

Vocal Coaching

We will help you build a powerful speaking voice.

Convey emotions, add emphasis & transfer energy using your newfound vocal prowess!

Coaching Power Presence

Power Presence

We will help you command and project a powerful visual presence.

Increase effectiveness, add impact and leave a lasting impression after every engagement.

Speciality Techniques

Speciality Techniques

We will help you master advanced presentation techniques.

Learn concepts and frameworks you can apply immediately!

Interpersonal Speaking (Executive)

Interpersonal Speaking

We will help you be a more effective and purposeful communicator.

Your friends and colleagues will feel the difference!

Interpersonal Speaking (Managerial)

Interpersonal Speaking

We will help you be a more connected and empathetic leader.

Your colleagues and subordinates will appreciate you more.

Power Boost

We will help you with a specific presentation challenge.

Identify problems, draw resources, solve and polish to perfection!


See what our clients have to say.

Tay Mei Yuen

The techniques were important but I personally found his way of ‘getting into the mood’ and projecting that feeling to the audience particularly powerful!


Tay Mei Yuen Co-Founder, Mathemate

Fenny Maynard

I have grown tremendously after I engaged Clement, and the people around me notice it!

Fenny Maynard SVP Sales

Coaching Packages

Individual Session

A single 90-minute Power Boost one-on-one coaching session.

Perfect for preparing and perfecting a specific presentation, pitch, keynote or performance.

1 x Power Boost

(Each session = 90 mins)

SGD 450

Basic Silver Program

Enjoy 3 x 90-min Individual Coaching Sessions.

Basic personal transformation. Targets identified challenges and gain tools to bring out communication strengths and personality.

3 Sessions

1 Module

SGD 1,215

Enhanced Platinum Program

Enjoy 5 x 90-min Individual Coaching Sessions.

Perfect for wholistic competency development. Deeper personality understanding, targets identified challenges, gain tools to bring out communication strengths and personality.

5 Sessions

2 Modules

1 Video Review


Get your IEQ9 Enneagram Standard Profile, 22-Page Report

SGD 1,800

Most Popular!

Complete Titanium Program

Enjoy 10 x 90-min Individual Coaching Sessions.

Perfect for holistic competency development in all relevant areas of presentations and communications. Deeper personality understanding, targets identified challenges, gain tools to bring out communication strengths and personality.

10 Sessions

3 Modules

3 Video Reviews


Get your IEQ9 Enneagram Professional Profile, 42-Page Report

SGD 3,555 

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Online Coaching Special

If you’re predominantly working in the online space, and would want to focus on improving your communication skills over via the webcam, we got a special offer for you!

Online Live Coaching Available

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Want to be sure if we can really “click”?

We totally understand.

That is why…

Diagnostic Session

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90-minute Diagnostic Session
SGD 88!

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