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Clement Chio

“Clement, I have this colleague that’s super charismatic in front of everyone. I want to be like him.”

“Clement, I really, really need to make an impression. Even I find myself boring.”

“Clement, I choke up every time I present. I need help.”

These are what I hear from my clients when we meet for the first time.

And through our journey together, I’ve successfully empowered them to immerse in their raw feelings, to impress with clarity, and to impact on a deeper, richer emotional level.

If you want to level up your speaking presence, I’d love to help.

Speech IONIZERS Personal Coaching
How will your career Soar, if your every presentation could WOW the crowd?

Through a propriety coaching system anchored on NLP principles,

You’d be surprised how easily you’d be able to

  • Draw out your authentic speaking personality
  • Tailor your style to enthral different audiences, and
  • Be the charismatic speaking star you’ve always wanted to be.

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Key Coaching Modules

Vocal Coaching
Power Presence
Speciality Techniques
Interpersonal Speaking (Executive)
Interpersonal Speaking (Managerial)
Power Boost


See what our clients have to say

Tay Mei Yuen

The techniques were important but I personally found his way of ‘getting into the mood’ and projecting that feeling to the audience particularly powerful!


Tay Mei Yuen Co-Founder, Mathemate October 11, 2017

Fenny Maynard

I have grown tremendously after I engaged Clement, and the people around me notice it!

Fenny Maynard SVP Sales July 27, 2017


Power Boost

Individual Session

SGD 600

1 x Power Boost
(Each session = 90 mins)

Silver Program

Silver Program

SGD 2,500

5 Sessions
1 Module

Platinum Program

Platinum Program

SGD 4,500

10 Sessions
2 Modules
2 Video Reviews

Titanium Program

Titanium Program

SGD 6,000

15 Sessions
3 Modules
4 Video Reviews
1 Presentation Deck (Max 30 slides)

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