Your Best Escape Hatch During a Public Speaking Panic Attack

overcome public speaking panic

4. Move about.

The Theory of Embodied Cognition states that we do not only think with our brain but also with our body. Has it ever happened to you that you get your most brilliant ideas when you are walking back and forth, say towards the fridge? Sometimes, that’s when we unintentionally do our deepest thinking—in the shower, while riding the bus, and what not. Simply put, the theory of cognition says that movement actually helps us think better.

There are many more instances that prove this to be very effective. Ever wondered why children solve simple math problems with the use of fingers? This is effective not only because of the technique behind it, but also because of embodied cognition—their fingers are moving.

So here’s how you do it: whenever you forget a line, think like you are an actor playing a role in a theatre play. Move from one place to another to help yourself remember.