One Insight Per Slide

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In any data-intensive deck we create, it’s always better to have one insight per slide.

Here’s why:

We often see slides like these in the corporate world:

One Insight Per Slide is better
Sample Cluttered Slide

Yes, I get it.

No one likes to sit through a boring “numbers” meeting knowing that you have 20 slides to run through.

They’d very much prefer 5 slides.

So in response, we cram as much as we can into one slide, hoping to save some “clickthrough time”.

But, in return, what you get are

  1. Cluttered slides
  2. Lack of Focus
  3. Lose the audience even before you start

Remember, if the audience wants data, an email will do.

The reason you are presenting either in person or virtually is for the value add that you can give, which can come. in the form of

  1. Data Insights
  2. Areas of Important
  3. Action Needed

Once you lose the audience through a slide like this, your effort in presenting is wasted.

So instead of cluttering everything into one mega-data slide, break them up meaningfully.

One Insight per Slide, which often is one Visual per slide.

This way, it’s clear what you are focusing on, clears away distractions for the audience and they can understand and act on your data meaningfully.

5 mins on 5 clean slides will be much more productive than 5 mins on 1 super cluttered slide.

So, if you want a more focused, helpful presentation of your data, use one visualization per slide instead of cramming everything into one slide because one Slide isn’t always better.

Check out how a simple re-ordering of visuals can make much difference.

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