NLP 101: The Beginners’ Guide to Understanding Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Neuro-linguistic programming is a psychological technique that zeroes in on mind and language, and how these two greatly affects our behaviors as human beings. The main goal of NLP is to facilitate positive behavior from within by developing the ability to control our response to people and events around us.




Let’s try to understand NLP further. As the phrase suggests, neuro-linguistic programming has 3 basic components:


  • Neuro
    Neuro refers to the neurological system, which regulates the processing of our basic senses—vision, audition, gustation, olfaction, and kinesthetic.
    In NLP, it is believed that each individual has established his or her own distinct mental filtering system as a way to process vast amount of information being absorbed by our senses. Our first mental map of the world, which is called “First Access” in NLP, is composed of internal images, tactile awareness, internal sensations, sounds, tastes, and smells, as a result of this neurological filtering process.
  • Linguistic
    We give personal meaning to the information given by the world around us. This is how we form our second mental map and form everyday conscious awareness—by assigning language to the internal images, tactile awareness, internal sensations, sounds, tastes, and smells. In NLP, the second mental map of the world is called “Linguistic Map” or “Linguistic Representation.”
  • Programming
    Behaviors occur as a response to the neurological filtering process and linguistic map. Habits are formed through repetition—our human brains create neural pathways when we consistently do something.




Now that you truly understand what NLP is. Let’s take a look at how learning this technique can help you broaden your horizons.


In the workplace:

  • By being more comfortable and confident in communicating with other people, you will learn how to develop rapport with your colleagues and clients.
  • By studying language, you will hone your communication and presentation skills.
  • By understanding human responses, you will be a better negotiator.
  • By understanding what motivates an individual, you will develop people management skills.


In personal life:

  • By being a more articulate communicator, you will develop better relationships with your loved ones.
  • By teaching you how to reframe and broaden your beliefs, you will be capable of opening yourself to a bigger fertile ground, which you can make use of in cultivating your goals.
  • By understanding how the mind works and how behaviors come upon, you will learn how to deal with negative people in your life.
  • By teaching how to break unproductive habits, you will find yourself more fruitful and closer to your dreams each and every day.




Clement Chio is a Neuro-Linguistics Programming Master Practitioner, certified by The American Board of NLP. He is passionate about engaging with other people and believes that everybody is capable of setting up their own stage and spread positivity to the world.


For this reason, he put up Speech IONIZERS, offering speech coaching, communication skills training, and sales training courses. With his extensive understanding of the human behavior and expertise in articulating language, he is able to change lives of thousands of many people.


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