Getting to the Big Yes

In sales, we’re always working towards the big Yes from our prospects

Yes, I want to buy

Yes, I’d like your product

Yes, I need your service.

But for the prospect, saying Yes is a commitment.

So Sales Professionals make it a habit to help their prospects get comfortable in saying “Yes” throughout their conversation.

Here’s How:

By just tweaking the questions asked.

Let’s compare these 2 questions near the beginning of the conversation for example.

After the initial tease, you can ask

“Do you want to know more?”

Or you can ask

“Are you open to finding out more?”

The first one sets you up for easy rejection.

“No I don’t.”

Because the prospect may not really be keen just after a few seconds of the teaser.

How does the other question work better?

But a person can be not keen, and yet still want to be seen as open-minded.

So if you ask “Are you open to finding out”

There is a higher chance of getting a buy-in.

Another example

“Do you want to buy?”


“Would you like this product to ease your burden finally?”

First one, scary and committal.

The second one builds in the benefits the prospect can get by purchasing.

The number of “small yes”s you need to collect

Depends on the interest level of every prospect.

If they are showing a high level of interest, go with the flow and get the commitment early.

If they are still processing your pitch, get them comfortable with saying the small buy-ins.

Ask Better Questions, Get the Yes

Small Yesses lead to the big Yes at the end.

All you have to do is to rephrase your questions

Ask Better Questions,

Get the Yes!

If you need help, a coach may help!

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