Customised Training Content Development

Customised Training Content Development

We understand. Every organisation is different. And sometimes, off-the-shelf programs may not suit your needs perfectly.

At SpIO, we have designed a systematic approach to crystallise your organisation’s final outcomes, pinpoint learning gaps, and create training programs that build long-term competencies.

Based on our IONS Methodology, all the programs we develop challenge the learners cognitively and conatively, ensuring your best return on training investment!

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Check out the whole Customised Training Content Development Process below:

Content Development Steps:
1. Outcome Determination
2. Needs Assessment
3. Content Development
4. Execution & Refinement
5. Effectiveness Measurement

Our Content Development team has a wealth of experience in designing sales, communication and leadership training programs.

They are all activity-based, highly immersive and we monitor learners every step of the way to ensure that our stakeholders achieve the outcome they desire for the long term!

And the training is all YOURS! Your logo, your organisation-specific scenarios/case studies, for your people.

Training Content Development

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