Power Pitching

Power Pitching

POWER PITCHING is a one-of-it’s-kind workshop which equips participants with the dynamism of impactful speaking and power of speed selling.

Gain the unfair advantage over competitors at any pitching event!

This is going to be a profoundly demanding session where participants will develop knockout USPs, construct stimulating decks and cement a call-to-action so irresistible that will bound to draw a big “YESes!” from any investor or prospect.

Empower your pitches now and Seal the Deal!


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Who Should AttendPower Pitching Selling Skills

  • CEOs, Business Owners, Sales Directors, Entrepreneurs, Advertising Suits


The training will be able to help you / your staff

  • Build a powerful pitch that converts your message into cold hard cash
  • Wow investors/prospects with professional looking, clean, easy to understand slides
  • Be in control of what your investors/prospects see, even without a pointer
  • Command a pitching influence by breaking the speaker-audience barrier
  • Adapt quickly to convince different types of investors/prospects
  • Enhance your pitching power using simple gestures
  • Skyrocket your stage charisma and make your investors/prospects remember you
  • Convert the most skeptical investors/prospects and win them over
  • Position your pitch as an irresistible opportunity and watch investments and sales jump through the roof
  • Reprogram your mindset and be a Power Pitcher


Learning ObjectivesPower Pitching Selling Skills

  • Use the 10-Point Method to construct a compelling pitch
  • Create powerful slides by following another 10 simple rules
  • Engineer investor/prospect focus using shapes, colour, masks, animation and transitions
  • Build instant rapport with your investors/prospects by using simple techniques
  • Identify the different audience types and apply customized approaches to engage them
  • Employ impactful pitching postures
  • Use purposeful hand gestures to shape your pitch and influence
  • Apply the ESC framework on any objection and reframe through slight of mouth techniques
  • Develop heavy-duty Call-To-Action statements with ease


Duration: 2 days


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