Persuasive Storytelling

Persuasive Storytelling

Want to master Persuasive Storytelling so that you can

Sell ideas easily?
Change perspectives?
Rally people to a common cause?

Learn principals of persuasive appeals and how to employ them effectively in storytelling.
Employ hypnotic micromessaging techniques to activate buy-in.
Tell stories that are not only captivating but also clear, compelling and utterly convincing.

Facts tell, Stories Sell.
Tell a persuasive story, and live happily ever after.


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Who Should Attend

  • Sales Personnel, Entrepreneurs, Management / Leadership Personnel


The training will be able to help you / your staff

  • Have stories to tell at your fingertips
  • Transform your personal experiences into powerful persuasive stories
  • “Speak” to the subconscious mind of the listener and persuade without them realising it
  • Connect & mesmerise with the power of words and emotions
  • Build a compelling story so that listeners will give you the wholehearted “YES” at the end of your story!


Learning Objectives

  • Identify the various scenarios to build a persuasive story bank
  • Compose a story with a compelling plot and message
  • Develop a persuasion strategy using the Rhetoric Triangle
  • Employ hypnotic language and soundbites to reinforce the buy-in
  • Dramatize content using sensory words and anchored emotions
  • Integrate effective call-to-actions within their stories.


Duration: 1 day


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