Persuasive Storytelling

Persuasive Storytelling

Want to master Persuasive Storytelling so that you can

Sell ideas easily?
Change perspectives?
Rally people to a common cause?

Learn principals of persuasive appeals and how to employ them effectively in storytelling.
Employ Micromessaging techniques to sneak in key ideas.
Tell stories that are not only captivating but also clear, compelling and utterly convincing.

Facts tell, Stories Sell.
Tell a persuasive story, and live happily ever after.


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Who Should Attend

  • Sales Personnel, Entrepreneurs, Management / Leadership Personnel


The training will be able to help you / your staff

  • Win over different types of audiences
  • Change minds, win hearts and watch listeners buy in wholeheartedly
  • “Speak” to the subconscious mind of the listener and persuade without them realising it
  • Mesmerize with the power of words
  • Build a compelling story so that listeners will give you the wholehearted “YES” at the end of your story!


Learning Objectives

  • Identify the different audience types and apply techniques to engage them
  • Develop a persuasion strategy using the Rhetoric Triangle
  • Employ Micromessaging and Soundbites to reinforce a message
  • Dramatize content using rhetorical devices and speech rhythm.
  • Integrate effective call-to-actions within their stories.


Duration: 1 day


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