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Speech IONIZERS Sales Academy
Looking to up your game and bring in the dough? Look no further!

Welcome to the Sales Academy

Developed by veterans in the Sales Arena, get ready to explore proven strategies that delve deep into specific processes of the Sales Cycle and harness the Sales Attitude within you. This is one of the finest Sales Training Courses you can find in Singapore!

We don’t want to breed the average salesperson.
We groom Sales Professionals with the heart, mind and soul for long term multiple-chain successes. Be acquainted with our best professional speaking coach today! We can get you in touch with a speaking coach near you for your convenience. Get the finest communication skills course suited for your own style and be as capable as an executive speech coach.

Want to Multiply your Sales Income and Win that Million Dollar Pitch?

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Power Pitching
Equip yourself with the dynamism of impactful pitching and power of speed selling. Gain the unfair advantage over competitors and seal the deal!

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Negotiation FTW
Master techniques and frameworks in any negotiation situation, and finally, seal the deal with win-win outcomes that are favourable for everyone.

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Persuasive Storytelling
Want to sell ideas and change perspectives? Learn simple techniques to tell Persuasive stories that are Captivating, Compelling & Utterly Convincing!

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Learn how to ooze charisma, master conversations and be everyone’s best friend. Don’t just be a networking professional. Be a SUPERCONNECTING Champion!

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Funny Money Honey
Activate your funny self, make your potential clients laugh, and give you all their money, all while making them fall in love with you over and over again!

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