Lunchtime Corporate Talks

Want to “try-out” some of our programs but not sure if they are right for you?


Why not give everyone a lunchtime skill boost?


We offer specialised Corporate Lunchtime Talks for some of our signature programs below.

Each talk is 45 minutes long and we’re sure your employees will learn a great deal while having fun along the way!


Lunch is not provided.. though we can recommend some great options!

Lunchtime Power Pitching
Learn the psychologies behind pitching and develop your own Elevator Pitch by the end of the talk!
Lunchtime Storytelling Workshop
Transform your everyday rants into super exciting stories. Yes, you can.
Lunchtime Negotiation FTW
Change your entire perspective of dealing with negotiations and never haggle on price again.
Lunchtime Persuasive Storytelling
Learn simple techniques to tell stories and embed a message within. 😉
Lunchtime Technical Storytelling
See boring data from a Storytelling perspective!
Leadership Storytelling
Leaders! Learn how to connect, motivate and inspire with stories – Your very OWN stories!