Tech Storytelling

Tech Storytelling - Plot Your Data

If you work with tech data and have always struggled to keep your audience engaged during presentations or your stand up meetings, this is for you.

Information, numbers and tech jargon can be exciting again!

Drawing from powerful storytelling techniques, this program zooms in on meaningful strategies, targeted communication techniques and dynamic delivery methods to engage both tech and non-tech audiences.

So, ready to get geeky?
Let’s gear up and bring data to life!

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Who Should AttendTechnical Storytelling Data Presentation

  • Agile Practicioners, Engineers, Accountants, IT Professionals, Academics, Operations and related Technical Professionals

The training will be able to help you / your staff

  • See your data from a Storytelling Perspective
  • Tell punchy stories that are succint and sharp 
  • Use stories to enhance the quality of your data
  • Help your audience remember the content you prepared so hard for
  • Sieve through all the information to be coherent and on point
  • Speak the language your audience wants to hear
  • Relate content even to non-tech audience
  • Break barriers and engage with audience
  • Influence and dominate with energy
  • Change minds, win hearts and watch listeners buy in wholeheartedly

Learning Objectives

Technical Storytelling Data Presentation
  • Develop content that follow the rules of Tech Presentations
  • Identify the different audience sub-types and tailor content to suit them
  • Integrate tech content into a storytelling framework
  • Instantly create impactful stories from different user perspectives
  • Make use of elaborative stories for emphasis and impact
  • Apply various audience engagement techniques
  • Synthesize posture, hand gestures, eye contact and stage work in a data-heavy presentation

Duration: 2.5 days

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