Power Presence

Power Presence

POWER PRESENCE is that one essential ingredient that separates mediocre speakers from the electrifying ones.

Get ready to be thrown into a power-packed workshop crammed with loads of fun, activities and games that drawing out the inner superstar inside every participant!

Time to supercharge your every moment on stage, and wow your audience with your newfound magnetizing POWER PRESENCE!

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Who Should Attend

  • Executives and managers who needs to prepare and give presentations
  • Anyone who wants to be recognized and remembered after a speaking engagement

The training will be able to help you / your staff

  • Perfect your unique speaker identity
  • Adapt quickly and win over different types of audiences
  • Never go out of point again with concise, coherent and captivating content!
  • Convert your fear into boundless confidence
  • Captivate audience and bring them on a rollercoaster journey
  • Project presence and dominance on stage
  • Maintain intimate connection with your listeners as you speak
  • Keep your audience refreshed and have their eyes on you all the time
  • Dominate your speaking space with energy
  • Emotionally charge your audience to make them laugh or cry with you
  • Engage and supercharge your crowd without fail

Learning Objectives

  • Identify your speaking subtype
  • Identify the different types of speeches & content styles.
  • Identify the different audience types and apply techniques to engage them
  • Prepare for the unexpected and activate your power instantly
  • Express content using storytelling techniques
  • Demonstrate powerful speaking postures
  • Develop the aptitude to switch emotions to suit the speech content
  • Design and employ up to 12 different techniques of audience engagement


Duration: 2 days


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