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For the middle and back office communications mastery, this is the place for you.

Welcome to the Communications Academy

Let’s face it – if you want to excel in your career, you’ve got to master communications, make your voice heard, and leave a bombastic impression.

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with our very effective communication skills course. 😉

These are not your average “public speaking & presentation” courses. These are specifically developed to bring out the authentic speaker and presenter in you, to win the earnest approval of your audience. It’s the communication skills training you’ll need to level things up!

Ready to Achieve Your Personal Communications Breakthrough?

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Command Attention in an Online Session

Online Meetings are now the new normal. You deserve commanding attention to get your message across no matter what platform you’re on. Take control, charm & impress every single time. Highly engaging online course. Limited seats!

Click Here to Present Professionally Online!

Power Presence

Be a mediocre speaker no more! Time to supercharge your every moment on stage, and wow your audience with your newfound magnetizing POWER PRESENCE!

Click Here to Dominate the Stage!

Storytelling Workshop

Learn storytelling techniques used by master storytellers. Craft a powerful story and be amazed at how your content can transform from Bore to SCORE!

Click Here to Make Your Stories Exciting Again!

Who says data, information & jargon must always be heavy and boring? Use powerful storytelling techniques to share your knowledge and enthral any audience!

Click Here to Bring Your Data To Life!

Secrets of Body Language
Do people really mean what they say?
Learn how to decode microexpressions in facial movements, hand gestures, posture changes, eye shifts and so many other body language secrets!.

Click Here to Read Any Body like a Pro!

Impact Decking
Creating your own decks? Building one for some else? Wow your next audience with PowerPoint presentation decks that put you as the star of the show and not the other way round.

Click Here to Level Up Your PowerPoint Skills!

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