Want to NOT be jsut another "boring person" speaking into the webcam?

Your ability to engage and influence through a screen can make all the difference. Time to elevate your virtual presence and captivate your online audience!

Command Attention In An Online Session
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Who Should Attend

Professionals working from home / remote offices, Cross border executives and managers, Educators, Trainers, Recruiters, IT Professionals, Sales Professionals etc.

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Workshop Duration

Part 1: 2-4 Hours
Part 2: 2-4 Hours

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Customisation Available

Contact us to customise this workshop for your team

The pandemic has made video calls the norm in today’s world.

Your next business presentation, job interview, staff training, keynote and million-dollar product pitch will be sealed through the humble little webcam.

Don’t let your power, your charisma and your true value be at the mercy of the platform.

Take control. Work the tools to your advantage.

Leave a lasting impression from start to finish, get your message across, and get things done.

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You'd Be Able To

  • Adopt a brand new mindset when engaging in online meetings.
  • Simplify and sharpen online content.
  • Look more eye-catching, engaging and exude confidence on screen.
  • Sound credible, composed and convincing so that “multitasking” audience will want to listen more.
  • Be prepared and recover from potential challenges or trips-ups that may negatively affect your online presentation.
  • Master ‘online advantages’ that you won’t get face to face in meetings.
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Fun Online Workshop

Join us and have a fun 2-part session learning how to pop out on screen!
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Learning Objectives

Part 1: Setting Up for Success

  • Develop 3 Key Mindsets for Online Presentations.

  • Convert & improve on an existing video conferencing setup to an optimal setting.

  • Prepare adequately and effectively before turning on the camera.

  • Integrate Best Practices to stand out on screen.


Part 2: Popping Your Personality

  • Demonstrate positive body language and micromessaging during Online Sessions.

  • Employ vocal tools for impactful remote calls.

  • Modify speech and engagement patterns for effectiveness in Online Sessions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need any special equipment or software to participate?

You will just need a basic video call setup (webcam, camera, computer). No other special equipment or software needed. We will provide guidance on optimising your existing video conferencing setup using readily available tools and resources.

Can I expect immediate improvements in my online presentation skills after attending the workshop?

While results may vary, many participants notice significant improvements after just one session. However, mastery comes with practice, so continued application of the skills learned in the workshop will enhance your online presentation skills over time.

What ongoing support or resources will I receive after the workshop?

Your learning doesn't end with the workshop! We offer post-workshop coaching options to help you prepare for the important engagements so that you'd be 1000% ready. We're committed to your success and will be available for post-workshop support and guidance as needed.

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