Be a Better Listener

photo of a boy listening in headphones

Want to be a better listener? Here’s a little communication tip to help!

Now one of the last clients that I met in 2022 was sharing with me that in 2023, she wants to be a better listener.

Her challenge is that whenever someone speaks to her at work, her brain usually moves too fast trying to think about what the other person has just said, thinking of solutions and what to best answer.

Be a Better Listener

This is a very common problem a lot of people have.

Our brain thinks too fast, faster than the words that are coming into our ears as we hear them.

For this client, the first thing Ir responded to her was

“Ok I hear you. In 2023, you want to be a better listener instead of reacting to what the other person has just said.
Is that right?”

And she said “Yes”.

The first tip I gave her was to do this whenever someone speaks to her:
Make your first response a Paraphrase or Summary of what you have just heard.

Now how can this help?

  1. It forces you to listen because now you have a task at hand to paraphrase or summarise
  2. It gives the other person a chance to respond if what you have just heard is correct

This helps you to give better advice or better solutions to whatever problems that are being shared with you.

Similarly, do this before answering any question that you are being asked. 😉

Be a better listener and communicator in 2023 by making this little change.

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