Ask Questions Before Presenting Your Product

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Are you meeting a prospect to pitch your product? You may want to ask questions before presenting anything!

Don’t jump into your product presentation!

One of the biggest dilemma of Salespeople.

We’s been through so much product training and we can’t wait to share them all!

But sharing about the product straightaway is not only not engaging, it’s also not personal and clients have to take it upon themselves to struggle & listen to you!

So, do this before your product presentation – ask questions.

2 types of questions I always ask

  1. What they are dissatisfied with about their current situation
  2. How will the benefits of your product impact them positively

Phrase it like a genuine conversation.

“Before we begin, I’d really like to understand a little more about the challenges your team is facing right now?”

“If your processes could be automated, how would it help your team with the workflow?”

Ask Questions before Presenting your Product

There are 3 benefits to starting a sales presentation with conversational questions

  1. Breaks the ice and builds rapport
  2. They see you as a solutions provider rather than a salesperson
  3. Their minds are now open to hearing how you can solve their problem, or help them achieve their goal.

It also helps you know which parts of your presentation to focus on, and how to close the sale later!

While you’re in the business. of asking questions, here are some tips on how to answer questions better. 🙂

Make this one conscious change to ask questions before presenting, and see how your customer connections and sales improve!

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