IONS Methodology

The IONS Methodology

We believe that everyone has their ability to shine in their own way.

This framework draws from our Integrated Presence Approach, taps deep into the core of each individual to discover, hone and build up a unique communication style. So if you are looking for fun training programs, customised development, or a speech coach near you, SpIO is here to help.

Introducing, the IONS Methodology.


There are 5 basic communication styles and each has its own strengths and weaknesses.
We want to harness each individual’s unique style, amplify strengths, and work on challenges to achieve authenticity, alignment, and self-ability.


Our coaching and training activities are all tailored and contextualised for each stakeholder.
We conduct diagnostic reviews, measure results and ensure utilization of training so that the final desired outcome is effectively achieved.


Communication prowess requires cognitive, affective and conative proficiencies.
Hence, our programs are all designed to be activity-focused and include elements of NLP, that helps promote internalisation, enhance effectiveness and lead to quick self-mastery.


We aim to translate our lessons into skills that our stakeholders can take with them for life.
These skills are designed to be practical tips and tricks, wired into muscle memory and immediately applicable to the required occasions.

The IONS Methodology has helped many of our clients achieve their peak performance. And we’ve used it extensively in our Customised Training Content Development as well.

Find out how you can excel too. You can be an effective communicator & presenter with our help. Experience the best public speaking coach and communications training here in Singapore, contact us today!

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