Integrative Presence Approach

Integrative Presence Approach

What makes our Personal Coaching sessions special and different?

We develop you as a speaker and communicator from the inside-out.

Using Somatic Coaching & Experiential Learning, we help you unlock hidden strengths in your Head, Heart and Gut to achieve a peak level of Integrated Speaking Presence.

Head - Conscious Presence

Conscious Presence

Skills, techniques, frameworks, tips and tricks to be a masterful and effective communicator and presenter.
Heart - Emotional Presence

Emotional Presence

Experiential and emotional anchoring work to activate influence and charisma towards any audience.
Gut - Internalised Presence

Internalised Presence

Explore your unique communication identity so that you can speak in a way that’s naturally powerful and authentic.

Find out more about how we adopt this unique approach by checking out our powerful Personalised Coaching Sessions.

This same approach is the guiding principle for our IONS Training Methodology for all our soft skills training programmes, courses and workshops.

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