7 Strategies to Transform a Boring Topic Into an Engaging Presentation

Were you ever tasked to talk about a seemingly dull subject? Something that may not be so interesting to the general public? There’s nothing more unnerving than the thought of seeing your audience bored and drifting off to snoozeland. However, you should know that topics like these are unavoidable. If you really want to be a good public speaker, you have to learn how to make those seemingly boring subjects come alive and engaging to your audience.

Here are seven surefire ways to transform a boring topic into an engaging presentation! (Recommended: Consult with a reliable communication coach near you to strengthen your stage appeal and delivery.)


Tip #1: Drop a controversial statement or question.

The way you start your presentation will determine if your audience will listen or not. This is your chance to draw people into your talk. If you want to avoid your audience from wishing they’d rather be in some other place but there in front of you, you have to give them a really good reason to listen. Let them know that they can actually get something really interesting if they listen to your speech.


Tip #2: Be interested in your topic.

Interest should start from within. If you can’t find interest in your own topic, how do you expect others to do the same? Disinterest is like a virus that can easily spread from the main source to its nearby components. It’s the same way when we say that there’s nothing more engaging than listening to a speaker who’s truly passionate about his or her topic!


Tip #3: There are no boring topics, just boring angles.

Look at the topic from different perspectives and find a way to resonate to your audience. Imagine a scenario where you have to discuss a mathematical concept to a group of non-mathematicians. Not everyone can relate to that, and perhaps, more than half of your audience will drift away to boredom land not even halfway through your speech. What can we do, math is math? To make it a little more interesting, maybe you can site concrete examples of how this concept can be applied in real life. This way, your audience will be able to relate to your topic.


Tip #4: Break the flow.

The reason why dull topics are, well, boring, is because the speaker doesn’t put an effort to break the monotony. Take some time to spice your presentation a little. Instead of using plain, wordy decks, try to include graphs, polls, images, and even videos that will satisfy your audience’s craving for something that is appealing to both their eyes and ears.


Tip #5: Sneak in an “easter egg” within your slides.

In media, an easter egg is referred to as a hidden message or image placed by the director or producer within a movie. Why not use this as a way to spice up your presentation further? To give you an idea, tell your listeners that you have placed a little something within your deck and it’s their mission to look for that something. It literally could be anything—a cartoon character, a symbol, or whatever you want to use as your easter egg. Whoever finds it first can win a prize for you. This is a great way to keep them active and anticipating the next slides.


Tip #6: Make use of props.

Humans are innately visual beings. Meaning, we respond better to visual data. So don’t be afraid to use props. Actually, we encourage you to use visual aids to the best of your advantage. Aside from adding fun to your talk, using props also helps you explain your points better through a face-to-face illustration of scenarios.


Tip #7: Use the right amount of humour.

Boring subject? Don’t worry, a little humour is all it needs. Laughter is one of the most effective ways to engage audiences when doing public speaking. It prevents them from dozing off and keeps them focused on you as the speaker. One good example of this is Barack Obama. When he needs to discuss something serious and seemingly dull to the public, the former American president is keen on using humour to make it a little less serious and a lot easier to absorb.

And that’s about it! Take note and make use of these tips to deliver speeches that are memorable and truly relatable. Remember, there are no boring topics for a great public speaker.


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