A 5-Step Guide to An Irresistible Sales Pitch

Irresistible Sales Pitch

Pitching an idea, a product, or a service can be a challenging task, especially for salespeople who are less experienced. But rest your worries, that’s what we’re here for. And you know what, we’ve all been in that position. It’s just a matter of proper guidance from and enough practice to make that daunting feeling go away.

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Rock your next sales pitch with these simple and actionable tips!

Step 1: Get to Know Your Audience

One of the major mistakes salespeople make when doing a sales pitch is not conducting prior research before going to field. This is a big no-no! As time progresses, buyers are becoming wiser by the minute. What does this means for us? It takes more than just throwing an information to get their attention.

Make an effort to get to know your audience and the company before doing your sales pitch. This will give you an advantage to align your presentation to your client’s needs.


Step 2: Be the Irresistible Solution Your Audience Needs

You’ve done your research—way to go! Now it’s time to create a winning pitch.

Just like what we said from the previous step, nowadays, a sales pitch is more than just throwing information and presenting your product or service’s features. A great presentation should be able to answer a problem. So this is where you can put some of the key insights you gathered from your research to good use.

Set-up your presentation in a way that will attempt to solve your client’s current problem. Be the solution—the BEST solution out there—that will enable them to address their issues.


Step 3: Back Yourself Up with Proofs

Studies show that social proofs positively influence the behavior of clients. Having said this, make sure to include testimonials, case studies, and other facts that will help sway your customer’s mind towards your product or service. If you claim to be the best solution to solving a particular problem, show a tangible proof that will make them crave for your solution.


Step 4: Anticipate Objections

Sales objections are unavoidable. After all, wise buyers is not easily swayed and attempts to question idea, product, or service. An intelligent take on this is to foresee these objections. List down all the possible questions and complains. While you are still in a good position to think, come up with the best answers to these possible objections already. Being prepared will spare you from having mental blocks and ruining a good sales pitch flow.


Step 5: Prepare and Practice.. a Lot!

This comes as a no surprise. We’ve included this in a lot of public speaking nuggets that we’ve written, but we still think that it is worthy of mentioning again to make our point stronger. Study your pitch over and over until you’re confident enough to deliver it smoothly. The more your audience feels that you know what you’re selling at the back of your hand, the higher the chances that they will trust you.


And now, you’re ready! Don’t worry if you’re still feeling a little nervous—that’s totally fine. A pinch of nerve is okay, but remind yourself how much effort you put through into making this a success. So claim it and be confident! You know your audience well and you have the best solution to their problem—there’s really nothing to worry about anymore!

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