5 Practical Tips on Acing Self-Introduction

So, tell us a little bit about yourself.” Ahh, almost always one of the first few phrases we hear upon meeting someone in any professional setting. Why does it always seem so hard to answer this? Because the truth of the matter is, we all know too well that first impressions linger. It may or may not last, but giving a solid introduction is a big stride that gets you advanced in building a good business relationship or closing that sweet business deal you’ve been eyeing for. Professionals even hire speaking coach to nail this one.

If you are one of those people who’s feeling all jittery when asked to introduce yourself in meetings or business gatherings, read on ‘till the end of this article. We guarantee that after you finish reading this post, you’ll become more confident and have a better sense of presenting yourself during times like these. 

Recommended: Consult with an executive presentation coach for more advanced techniques in presenting yourself.

TIP #1: Breathe and Relax



When we are nervous and anxious, we tend to speak too quickly. The thing is, we want to speak as clearly and as moderate as possible to give the other person an ample time to absorb everything we are saying. So what can you do? Simply take a few seconds to breathe deeply before you start introducing yourself. By doing so, your brain is more calmed and focused, which translates to your body language as well. All these contributes to the way you communicate and express yourself to the other party.


TIP #2: Trick Yourself Into Being Confident


They say fake it till you make it, right? Sometimes you just need to trick yourself into being confident in order to be, well, a confident person.

The best way to start doing this is by standing in an upright position, no matter how nervous you are during that moment. You will be amazed how a good posture can do wonders in increasing your confidence and leading your body language. And then, keep this in mind: you are confident because you are good in what you do. And lastly, don’t allow yourself to feel inferior. Because you know what? Most people are actually just as uncomfortable and anxious as you are during a first meeting! It’s all just a matter of showing a confident act.


TIP #3: Focus on What You Can to Contribute


Yes, we know it’s truly nerve-wrecking having to introduce yourself, especially when all you can think about is how the other person would react. So here’s a tip, think about the fact that you are there to contribute a skill, a product, or a service that only you can offer. So when you introduce yourself, start by mentioning your name, your designation, and your company. But don’t forget to emphasize the most important fact! Be clear about what they can get from you by sharing your contribution and the purpose of you being here.


TIP #4: Learn About the Different Business Etiquettes


Every culture has its own ways and business etiquettes. For example, showing some humour seem like a good tip for you, but for some people, this may be deemed as rude and unprofessional. Another example, while others save giving out calling cards at the end of the meeting, certain cultures are more accustomed to doing this at the beginning of business meetings. So remember, study the business etiquettes of other cultures so that you are prepared for every situation.


TIP #5: Practice, Practice, Practice


We all know practice is the best way to get better at anything. And so as the case for giving self introduction as well. Role playing is a great way to improve your communication and public speaking skills. Consider rehearsing your introduction speech in front of your family or friends. Ask them to honestly share their feedbacks so you can go ahead and improve it. Alternatively, you can also practice in front of a mirror or record yourself while doing your introduction speech.

The way you introduce yourself is a crucial factor in making a good first impression. As a matter of fact, most people begin forming an impression of you within the first 5 seconds they meet you. With that being said, we would like to give you a couple of more tips on how to get things right within that first few seconds!

  • Be on time for your business meeting
  • Wear a winning smile
  • Offer a firm handshake
  • Make eye contact
  • Most importantly, relax and be yourself!


There you have it! Follow these tips and you will be ready to amaze everyone with a winning business introduction that is bound to charm and impress your fellow colleagues, partners, and clients. For more tips and tricks on public speaking, head on to our blog page today.