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3 Tips for More Professional Zoom Meetings

Conducting Zoom meetings often? Want to give yourself a more professional look?

These 3 simple tips will help!


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1. Place your camera at Eye Level

Especially if you have a small laptop, your built-in webcam will usually point upwards during Zoom meetings & video calls.

You wouldn’t want your fellow meeting attendees to be constantly scrutinizing what you have in your nostrils or.. how many chins you have, right?

Use a few old boxes/books to prop up your laptop so that it’s at eye level.

It’s much better for posture too!

2. Soft frontal light makes a lot of difference

Your existing desk lamp should work fine. Just make sure it’s keeping your face lit.

Feeling the glare? Oily face problems? Throw a white cloth or plastic bag over will help!

3. Neat = Professional Zoom Meetings

A clean background reeks of professionalism. (Also screams “I’m a responsible person!” even though the mess is outside what’s captured by the webcam)

Hope these 3 tips help!

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